The KSL Study Centre

The KSL Study Centre is maintained by KSL Civic Association for Adult Learning, a private non-governmental organisation established in 1964 as. It is owned by 18 member associations e.g. trade unions, the Left Alliance and various cultural and social associations. KSL Study Centre´s activities are mainly funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. KSL Study Centre works in the fields of liberal adult education and cultural activism. In addition KSL Study Centre organises vocational education in arts and crafts.

Liberal adult education offers grassroots education and continuous learning to all citizens nationwide in Finland. Aim of our education is to be easily and widely achievable for example non-governmental organisations (NGO) and volunteers and actives being part of NGO activities. Most of the educational courses and cultural events are organized in cooperation with associations and NGOs. The way of organizing courses and cultural events is very flexible. Low access and everyone’s right to learn are the essential ideas. We are the study centre of activists.

We support the civil society by developing, educating and giving tools to NGO work and change-making. Pedagogical know-how in experiential learning and different kinds of pedagogical methods are some of KSL Study Centre´s strong assets. In addition, critical pedagogy and learning-by-doing are KSL Study Centre´s pedagogical priorities.


  • A variety of courses and training to NGOs, groups and individuals. We provide financial and pedagogical support to NGOs to arrange their own courses and study circles.
  • Vocational education in arts and crafts aiming to Qualification or Special Qualification of arts and crafts.
  • Publications focused on adult education, civic society, cooperative activities, culture and society.
  • Low threshold cultural activism and craftivism that is aimed for everyone.
  • We coordinate and  partner in national and international projects that focus on adult education, active citizenship and civil society. We have experience in Erasmus + mobility and cooperation projects.

Contact our Project Adviser for more information on international projects