The principles for a safer space aim to create a space where everyone, through their own actions, works to build an equal, respectful and open atmosphere as well as equal, respectful and open discussion. We create a safer space together. Everyone has the right to feel safe without fear of discrimination or harassment.


Questions and mistakes are allowed – they are part of the learning process.

We focus on matters related to our studies and education. We approach new topics and people without prejudice.


We ensure that everyone has the chance to participate. We give people space to talk and actively listen to one another. We respect other people’s opinions. We do not dismiss people based on their level of experience.


We respect people’s identities and do not act based on assumptions. A person’s sexuality, gender, relationship status, nationality, culture, language, religion, values, health or ability to function cannot be determined based on what we see on the outside. We respect everyone’s physical space and boundaries.

Non-discriminatory language

We use language that is respectful to all people and avoid stereotyping language. We do not mock, reject or embarrass anyone with our speech or actions. We do not gossip, tell discriminatory jokes, use sexual language or judge people’s appearance.

We approach people’s mistakes with compassion. If you intentionally or unintentionally offend someone, please apologise.